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~Aim for the Sky!~

Welcome to Aim for the Sky!, the original fansite for everyone's favorite lacrosse boys. We're working hard!

5/27/07 ~ The Bi-Annual Update
New author, Elise, added,
as well as several other fics.

12/18/06 ~ Worst Mod Evar
Some fics added, I still
need to add a lot of art

5/29/06 ~ Lotsa Art
Two fics added and art
by Allira_Dream and Shiva_Dawn

 5/15/06 ~ Stop Writing So Much, Freaks
Yet MORE fic, new author Allira_Dream
and fanart by Shiva_Dawn
Also, something is up with our shoutbox? I'll look into it.
Edit: And by 'look into it' I mean 'get rid of it until it's fixed'

5/11/06 ~ More Fic
A warm welcome to Ponderosa, who wrote
fic AND illustrated it. Tasty.

Older News

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