Aim for the Sky!
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~Old News~

5/11/06 ~ More Fic
A warm welcome to Ponderosa, who wrote
fic AND illustrated it. Tasty.

5/7/06 ~ Character Profiles
Hal finished off all the profiles, and
several more fics added.

4/22/06 ~ Our First Fanart
Fanart by Shiva_Dawn added, 5 fics added,
old news page added.

4/3/06 ~ Fics Added!
Two fics added to the Fanfiction page,
and Asakawa gets a first name!

3/29/06 ~ Character Profiles Updated!
Pictures and blurbs added, more blurbs pending.
Several random typos fixed.

3/25/06 ~ All Sections Up!

Links to four new fanfics up! Story and About sections drafted!
Character page pending descriptions, and other pages pending content of any sort.

3/23/06 ~ Grand Opening of AftS!
Web banner! Lacrosse balls as bullet points! Shout box!
Leave a totally embarassing comment over to the right, as Marks has so perfectly exemplified for us.

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