Aim for the Sky!
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~The Story~

Misaki, Asakawa, and Sato are all working hard at tennis, but they can't ever seem to beat any of the Regulars. Momo and Kaidoh don't respect them and the third years hardly acknowledge their existence, except for a kind word from Oishi now and again.

But one day, Tsukada comes up to them after practice. He's trying to start up a lacrosse club at Seigaku and asks if they are satisfied, being passed over again and again. Sato and Asakawa sign up right away. Sato is the goalkeeper and Asakawa a midfielder. Misaki says he won't give up tennis. His father was a tennis player, and he can't let him down.

But after a practice match where Kaidoh completely disses him after beating him, Misaki realises that he's not betraying his father by switching to lacrosse. Misaki becomes an attackman and they all work very hard for their first tournament.

They still need more players, though. They find out that Tachiki used to play lacrosse at his old school. He's not in any clubs right now and Tsukada tries to talk him into playing. But there's a painful secret in his past...

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