Aim for the Sky!
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Lacrosse Boys
It all started when Halrloprillalar named the cutest Seigaku seconds years you ever did see, hiding themselves in the stands during the Hyoutei matches.

Then, in a moment of insanity, she let Marksykins and Mousapelli start playing in her sandbox, and the next thing they knew, they had a streaker, a Canadian, a Shougi fanatic, a team manager who could declare nuclear war with her cookies, and a freshman who could be surrounded by atomic army ants and would still say "Bring it on, bitches."

They didn't know much about lacrosse, but they knew that if they kept writing about ten boys' pure and shounen love for their sport, from long-suffering Captain Tsukada to shiny-penny Asakawa, only good things could come of it. If you write it*, they will come.

Ganbatte, Seigaku! Aim for the Sky!

*and by 'it,' I mean rooftop porn.

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