Aim for the Sky!
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Stories starring the lacrosse boys.
Various and sundry comment fics and other items may be found here.
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      ~Get What You Need-Kazuhiro/Asakawa NC-17 (includes art!)
      ~Putting the Fun in Dysfunctional-Team G - NC-17

       ~Absence of Heat-Misaki/Tachiki, PG-13


      ~Girlfriend-Tachiki/Misaki PG-13
    ~Pants-Sato/Asakawa PG
      ~Loser-Sato/Asakawa, PG
      ~Thank You, Come Again-Asakawa/Tachiki PG-13
      ~A Winner Never Quits-Tachiki/Misaki PG-13

     ~Secret Dragon Hero Mission-Tachiki/Misaki UST


      ~Kobagin is All Wet-Asakawa, Kazuhiro, etc PG
      ~Left Hand Suzuki Method-Kobayashi/Kazuhiro R
      ~Secret Language of Twins-Tsukada/Kichida/Kichida PG
      ~Torrent-Kobayashi/Kasuhiro PG


     ~50 One-Sentence Fics-Team G - PG-13
     ~50 More One-Sentence Fics-Team G-NC-17
     ~Burned-In Captioning-Tachiki/Misaki, NC-17
     ~Counting Blue Clars-Kazuhiro/Kobayashi, NC-17
     ~Hearts and Deflowers-Tachiki/Misaki PG-13
     ~In Charge-Tsukada/Tachiki, R
     ~Loses Something In Translation-Marty/Harada PG-13
     ~Love of the Game-Asakawa PG-13
     ~Must Be Because of the Moaning-Sato/Asakawa R
     ~Number 22, Seigaku's Kichida-Kichida PG
     ~One Lump or Two-Tachiki/Misaki PG-13
     ~Pants Are For the Weak-Kazuhiro/Kobayashi R
     ~Sum Identities (The Hey Baby What's Your Sine Remix)-Kazuhiro/Kobayashi, PG
     ~The Thought That Counts-[Tsukada/Kichida, etc, rated by section]
     ~Window of Opportunity-Tachiki/Misaki, Sato/Asakawa/Misaki NC-17
     ~Yanking Your Chain-Kazuhiro/Kobayashi R
     ~Your Forms Are Terrible-Tsukada/Kichida/Kichida R


    ~Getting Dirty-Tachiki/Tsukada G (Includes art!)

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